Crompton Air Coolers

Air coolers are the best solution to fortify you against harsh and blistering summers. Air coolers are proficiently designed to fit in any corner of the room while providing an efficient cooling experience that will satisfy every cooling need. As compared to other air circulation systems, air coolers offer a larger area of horizontal air flow, ensuring an efficient, cool air circulation and uses fresh outdoor air in order to cool the room which is good for health.
Air coolers are economical, uses less electricity and is portable wherein you can use anywhere in your home indoor or outdoor.

Crompton Graves is known to meet the demands of changing markets through analyzing the needs from the consumers and crafting products as per the evolving needs.

Personal Coolers

Personal coolers are comparatively small,compact and portable units that can be placed next to your bed sofa or dining table.These coolers are essentially ment to  provide cooling comfort to an individual.

Desert Coolers

For climates that are extremely hot and dry, the desert cooler makes for an excellent choice. The desert cooler is designed to give you the best cooling effect and also you need not to fill water at regular intervals as it has large water tank capacity.​

Tower Coolers

The tower cooler offers the ideal solution for staying cool, especially during hot and humid weathers. They are designed to be tall, sleek and compact, making it easier to slide it into any corners where other types of air circulation systems cannot fit. Tower coolers are devised to be energy efficient, providing a cooling experience at a maximum efficiency. In addition to this, it also designed to look trendy and easy to use and highly portable.